Laser Eye Surgery Suitability


Laser Eye Surgery Suitability?

Many elements can influence whether you are suitable for laser eye surgery. This is why it is important to book a consultation to discover if you are suitable. We aim to ensure you receive the best quality treatment and results.

In most general cases, individuals who are suitable for laser eye surgery are:

  • Over 18 years old
  • Can see well with a stable prescription
  • Have good eye health

Unfortunately, some medical conditions may prevent you from receiving some treatments; such as internal eye pressure, dry eyes, epilepsy; diabetes, low glasses prescription or if you are pregnant. Your eligibility as well as any issues preventing treatment will be determined in your consultation.

For example, if your diabetes is well controlled and your initial assessments show you have healthy retinas; laser eye surgery may be a suitable treatment. We are all individual with our needs, and therefore our treatment plans are too.

In addition, you may have been previously told by other clinics that you are not suitable for laser eye surgery. This may be due to the other clinic’s lack of technology or expertise. Not because you aren’t suitable as an individual.

With our industry-leading technology and world-renowned eye surgeons, we offer a complete range of eye treatments to suit your needs. We include a range of tests during your consultation to determine your suitability for laser eye surgery, as well as to help you decide on the right treatment based on your personal needs and expectations.

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is an operation, which aims to reduce dependence on glasses or contact lenses by correcting vision using an excimer laser. During the ten minute surgery, the laser reshapes the cornea of the eye in a predetermined manner to improve unaided vision. The two most common types of laser eye surgery are PRK and Femto Lasik. Although there are several other types of refractive surgery that can improve your vision when laser surgery is not the most appropriate option.

What Type of Surgery Is Best for Me?

There are various types of laser vision correction. The right procedure is always determined based on a number of factors including your age, refractive error prescription and lifestyle.

Are There Other Treatments Available if I’m Not a Laser Surgery Candidate?

There are many other options available if laser surgery is found not to be suitable by your Consultant Surgeon. You may be suitable for Phakic ICL (Implantable contact lens) surgery or Refractive Lens Exchange surgery.

Why Do I Need a Consultation?

A consultation prior to making a decision about laser eye surgery is essential, mainly to determine your suitability and talk through all possible options and outcomes. Unlike some high street clinics, we do not use a consultation to give you a sales pitch.

With The Eye Consultants, you will always see a specialist Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon who will thoroughly assess your eyes to determine your suitability for vision correction treatment. If you are suitable, your consultant will then talk with you at length about what treatment options are recommended for your eyes. This will also allow you to discuss the benefits, affordability and all the facts before making your decision.

Our consultants will give you honest, expert advice, and will make you aware of all possible outcomes. As specialists in complex corneal and intra-ocular surgery, the surgeons at The Eye Consultants may be able to offer alternative treatment if laser treatment is deemed not suitable.

If you are looking to take the first step towards clear vision, book a consultation with us today.


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